Since 2007, our financial personal trainers have enabled more than 6,000 kiwis achieve their financial goals. The results or outcomes are different for each client. Many have been able to get into their first homes much sooner than they ever imagined. Others who already have a mortgage are on track to be mortgage free years earlier, and to save hundreds of thousands in interest costs. The need to be mortgage free pre-retirement is a goal that everyone must achieve, and we specialise in this process. Please see a selection of some clients’ stories below.

Jaimie & Todd Bertie, New Plymouth

I was so nervous to go into detail about money matters and bad habits, having zero discipline, but after my 1 hour appointment with Phil I feel so excited and confident for the first time in my life to go forward and conquer my goals. All signed up cant wait for my next appointment.

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Kim Buchanan

We’re still using our enableMe ways, must be at least five years now. We went from sinking to swimming. Was great for us. We now CONTROL the money flow, not the other way around and we can cope with those inevitable “curve balls” (not that I want any curveballs thanks!).

I would always recommend anyone who wants to sort their financial life out to do this, even if you are on a low income.

Marlene Marais, Botany

Thank you Dianne and Deborah, I still need to do a lot of work but at least I am not so scared of my finances any more. It is now so much more exciting to actually see some progress and not just staying afloat.

Thank you for changing my mindset about my finances and turning me into an almost super-ninja. Thank you does not even seem enough. You are kind, passionate and knowledgeable in your field of expertise. You gave me hope when I thought I was down and out and brought me back to reality.

I will definitely come back in a couple of years when my next goal needs to be discussed.

Gordon Dale, Auckland

We have been working with enableMe for approximately 5 months now and in that time have made significant inroads into reducing our mortgage.

Their tailored financial plan and budgeting software has made this such an easy process and their customer service is second to none. If you are looking to get control of your finances, reduce your mortgage over the mid to long term and plan for your retirement then I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Jo Mills, Auckland

Shelley – I am actually excited about my finances now, so different from my view from a year ago.

Still lots of improvements I can make, but it feels amazing to be starting the next period feeling so much more under control and entering into a relationship without horrendous credit card debt over my head. I actually feel like I have turned a corner and can see how I can build for the future.

Thank you – you really have made such a difference to me and my happiness.

Jeremy & Sarah, Greymouth

Gift Flower and Card

Working with Katie has changed our lives.

I always thought that we were fairly good with money. We paid more than we needed on our mortgage each week and saved what we thought was a good amount.

Working with Katie we have paid off our mortgage and we are debt free 8-10 years earlier than we would have if we had continued with my plan. We still lived well with weekends away and shares in racehorses etc. I was able to take a new job that I love. It pays less than my previous role, but because of the work we did with enableMe it doesn’t impact on our lifestyle.

Katie is amazing, she is very engaging and encouraging. The Skype meetings kept us both on track and were an excellent way of staying motivated.

We have completed the program but have a plan for the future. The difference it has made to our lives is huge, it has given us freedom and allowed us to grasp opportunities we may never have taken. It is the best thing we have ever done. I wish all my family and friends would sign-up.

Jean & John, Wellington

Jean and JohnSigning up with enableMe has been life-changing!

We approached enableMe because although we earn a good income we, like many other New Zealanders, found we were spending just a little more than we earned. We wanted to reduce debt and pay off our mortgage more quickly. With guidance from Lisa and the team, we found we could still enjoy a nice lifestyle but vastly improve our financial position at the same time. Having worked out a budget that allows us to still enjoy holidays, meals in restaurants, outings etc and by prioritising debt repayment over savings (although we still managed to increase our KiwiSaver balance quite considerably) we saved ourselves many thousands of dollars in the first 12 months.

The best part about being on the enableMe programme is how easy it makes life – we don’t have to worry about whether we can/should afford to spend money. We know exactly how much every week/month/year we have allocated for various types of expenditure, so buying what we need or want is now totally guilt-free. If we ever have a question or doubt about something we can email or ring Lisa and get it sorted out ASAP. And PocketSmith has been wonderful – the feedback and encouragement it and Lisa provide are invaluable. We have recommended enableMe to several friends and family, who have told us that it’s been a real game-changer for them.

Thanks enableMe for taking a huge weight off our shoulders!

Barry & Karen, Wellington

Barry & KarenenableMe has helped us to reach a financial security we didn’t think was possible. We had tried many different ways of budgeting over the years but it was always a struggle. As professionals with 3 kids we were never in dire straits but we also could never manage to get on top of our finances, until enableMe. Our budget is now based on us… what WE want, which makes it so much easier to adhere to. Not only can we do the things we want to, we also have extra at the end of every financial year and after 13 years of renting, we once again own our own home. When our financial advisor told us we could pay off a home in 10 years we were dubious. But not only was she right, we will have it paid off in less then 6 years and our payments are less then what we paid for rent!

Thank you Pippa, Lisa, Chris, Victoria and all the team at enableMe … our only regret is not having you (and enableMe) in our lives years earlier.

Robyn & Greg, Takapuna

When we started working with Katie we felt we were pretty good at budgeting and keeping track of our finances, but enableMe has taken us to the next level. I love that enableMe takes away that question of ‘can we afford it?’. Because you know that if it’s in the budget you can afford that indulgence and still reach your goals. At this stage we expect to be mortgage free within the next few years, and are already looking at investments to really get our surplus working for us. We couldn’t recommend enableMe more.

Shane & Toni, Auckland

We have been working with enableMe Takapuna for the last 18 months; before we joined enableMe our financial situation was alright. A year earlier we had purchased our first house in Hamilton with a goal to build up the equity and buy a family home in Auckland. Our mortgage wasn’t structured in the best possible way and no matter how much we saved we just seemed to be floating along not getting anywhere with our mortgage or savings. We were getting frustrated that no matter what we did with our money we thought we were never going to get into our own property in Auckland. Then on a drive home from work one night an ad appeared on the radio for enableMe and we both thought that this is something we needed. We described our situation as starting out.

Our first meeting with Katie and Shelley was an eye-opener for us and instantly we knew that this program was right for us: it was a ‘no-brainer’ to sign up. They told us straight away that we could have our mortgage paid off in 5 years instead of the 30 years that we were currently scheduled to pay it off. Since working with Shelley our frustrations have disappeared, we’ve become more structured, disciplined and in control of our money, whilst still enjoying the little things in life and maintaining a healthy outlook on our finances.

We have now been working with Shelley at the Takapuna branch for 18 months and couldn’t be happier. We’ve even purchased our first house in Auckland. We are extremely pleased with the service enableMe has provided us with and highly recommend them. We cannot wait to see what else we achieve in the future.