The AM Show: Financial infidelity kills relationships

Do you lie to your spouse about your spending? 57% of us have, according to The AM Show ‘s poll this week. Hannah McQueen spoke to Duncan and the team on The AM Show about why this is a worry.… Read more → How to manage on one income when your spouse wants to quit work Logo

A career change can often be hard on relationships and a difficult subject to discuss with your partner or spouse, if they are not 100% on board.

Hannah McQueen says the person making a change should recognise the sacrifice the … Read more →

TVOne Breakfast: Money is the leading cause of relationship breakdown

Hannah McQueen, credit MiNDFOOD

Money is the leading cause of relationship breakdown – what tools should you use to navigate those differences?

Start Talking – Have your asset position documented when you start a new relationship – Make Progress

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NZ Herald: Financial infidelity causes more break-ups than sex






Financial infidelity is replacing sexual infidelity as a leading cause of relationship breakdowns.

It’s when people lie to their partners or deceive them about money, according to leading financial personal trainer, author and principal of … Read more →

TVNZ Breakfast – Fifty per cent of relationships end – how do you breach the subject of a prenup?

TVNZ Breakfast
Hannah McQueen gives some advice about how to approach the tricky topic of a prenup with Breakfast viewers.
Read more → Give your relationship a financial health-check before you move in together Logo


If you’ve just decided to move in with your partner, you probably are not thinking about boring details such as how you will pay the household bills. But money can be a big source of tension in relationships and

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RadioLive: Finances After A Break-Up

radio-liveFor those going through a relationship break-up, your finances is just one aspect where you need to take back control. Hannah McQueen discusses with Mark Sainsbury of RadioLive what to watch out for and how to start planning for the … Read more →

RadioLive: Relationships and Finance


Was Valentine’s Day the start of something new for you this year? If so, how is that going to impact on your finances? Hannah McQueen discusses the impact of money on relationships with Mark Sainsbury on RadioLive’s Sunday morning show. … Read more →