NewstalkZB – NZ on brink of debt crisis

Hannah McQueen talks with NewstalkZB listeners about Kiwi’s borrowing habits and potential debt troubles.

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RadioLive – How to create wealth on an average income

Hannah McQueen talks with RadioLive listeners about not letting an average income stop you from getting ahead.

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Consumer Debt: Don’t just do nothing – take control by doing something!

radio-liveHannah McQueen talks to Mark Sainsbury on RadioLive’s Sunday Morning show about consumer debt. Hannah McQueen is a Financial Personal Trainer and Director of EnableMe Ltd. here: Consumer Debt: Don’t just do nothing →Read more →

5 Signs You’re In Financial Trouble

radio-live 5 Signs You’re In Financial Trouble

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Self-Employment and Money Management

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The Pros and Cons of Buying An Apartment

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D.I.N.Ks (Double Income No Kids)

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The Pressures of IRD Obligations

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Realism In Starting A Business

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For Richer Or For Poorer

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