Breakfast: Teaching your kids the value of money

How can you teach your kids the value of money these school holidays?


Breakfast’s money expert Hannah McQueen’s got big plans for her eight-year-old to knuckle down during the break – but would you do this with your kids?… Read more →

TVOne Breakfast: Money is the leading cause of relationship breakdown

Hannah McQueen, credit MiNDFOOD

Money is the leading cause of relationship breakdown – what tools should you use to navigate those differences?

Start Talking – Have your asset position documented when you start a new relationship – Make Progress

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NZ Herald: Emotions rule our money behaviour

Hannah McQueen, credit MiNDFOOD

Getting ahead financially can be similar to getting fit or losing weight. Some of us are born with a fast metabolism, making it easier to lose weight. Others of us aren’t. Money is the same.

To assess your own financial … Read more → The cost of the middle-age make-over Logo

Keeping young and beautiful can be a full-time, costly job, writes Rob Stock. Read the full article here.Read more →

RadioLive: Your Money – We talk money, mortgages, property

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enableMe’s Financial Personal Trainers Elizabeth Blake and Suzanne Hill talk money, mortgages, property and answer your questions on RadioLive with Tim Sisarich. You can listen back here.… Read more →

Channel Magazine: Growing financially responsible children


Channel Magazine cover July 2015

Are you growing financially responsible children? Katie Wesney from enableMe Takapuna asks the question in this month’s Channel Magazine. You can read the feature here.Read more →

RadioLive: Relationships and Finance


Was Valentine’s Day the start of something new for you this year? If so, how is that going to impact on your finances? Hannah McQueen discusses the impact of money on relationships with Mark Sainsbury on RadioLive’s Sunday morning show. … Read more →