Blog: Why you should be worried about interest rates

Hannah Mcqueen

If you’ve bought your first home in the last decade or so, you could be forgiven for thinking that the interest rates you’re enjoying now are about where they will always be.

The Reserve Bank started cutting interest rates back … Read more →

Paul Henry Show: First-home Buyers Leaving Themselves Too Vunerable


Hannah McQueen from enableMe explains to Mark Sainsbury on Paul Henry, that because Kiwis are increasingly stretching themselves to get into their first homes any corrections, or interest rate rises, could leave many homeowners (and not just first-time buyers) extremely … Read more →

NZ Herald: Get your house in order, before the crash!

Hannah McQueen, credit MiNDFOODWhat can New Zealanders do today to make the most of low interest rates in an uncertain housing market?

Hannah McQueen explains more in NZ HeraldRead more →

New Zealand Herald: Big house, empty pockets: The new wealthy poor

The New Zealand Herald

In a raging property market, it’s possible to have a million-dollar home and no cash, writes Joanna Mathers for NZ Herald. Read the full article here.

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Interest Rates Update: Fixing now is not for everyone

hannah-trainerInterest Rates Update – Friday 14th December 2015

Contrary to what has been reported in some of the mainstream media in the last 24 hours, now may not be the best time to fix your home loan onto long-term rates.… Read more →

RadioLive: Your Money – We talk money, mortgages, property

RadioLive Logo

enableMe’s Financial Personal Trainers Elizabeth Blake and Suzanne Hill talk money, mortgages, property and answer your questions on RadioLive with Tim Sisarich. You can listen back here.… Read more →

RadioLive: What to consider with current interest rates

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Hannah discusses what to look out for, and what you can take advantage of, with current interest rates on RadioLive’s Sunday morning show with Mark Sainsbury. Listen back to the show.Read more →