RadioLive – How to create wealth on an average income

Hannah McQueen talks with RadioLive listeners about not letting an average income stop you from getting ahead.

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RadioLive: Hannah McQueen on the challenges of self-employment

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Hannah McQueen joined Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh to talk about being self-employed, and the challenges that brings to the home life and work-life balance.

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If you’ve just decided to move in with your partner, you probably are not thinking about boring details such as how you will pay the household bills. But money can be a big source of tension in relationships and

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Christmas Financial Hangover Prevention

by Katie Wesney, enableMe Takapuna

The silly season is almost upon us and it’s a time when many of us start to get nervous about not only what we have to get done but also our finances.

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RadioLive: Impulsive Shopping

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Hannah McQueen talks to Mark Sainsbury of RadioLive about the psychology of impulsive shopping. You can listen back to it here.Read more →

RadioLive: Your Money with Elizabeth Blake and Katie Wesney

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Death is a sad and emotional time for everyone. Ensuring your financial matters are all in order takes away a lot of stress and anxiety for your close family and friends at this already difficult time.

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RadioLive: Dangerous Debt

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On this week’s RadioLIVE Sunday show with Mark Sainsbury, Hannah McQueen talks of dangerous borrowing despite having bank approval. 

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RadioLive: Finances After A Break-Up

radio-liveFor those going through a relationship break-up, your finances is just one aspect where you need to take back control. Hannah McQueen discusses with Mark Sainsbury of RadioLive what to watch out for and how to start planning for the … Read more →

Good Magazine – Act Small, Save Big


The best things in life might be free, but money allows us other pleasures, both big and small. No matter how much we earn, the sooner we take control of our finances, the faster we’ll reach our goals, explains Esther … Read more →

It’s 2015 – Get Serious About Your Finances

radio-liveIt’s the start of the year, the start of 2015. If you’ve spent a lot of money over the Christmas holidays or more than you’d planned to, now is the time to take your head out the sand. Eventually the … Read more →