Breakfast TV: Only 50% of credit card users pay off their debts in full each month

Breakfast TV

If you are not able to pay off your credit card bill in full each month, you are going backwards.

Hannah McQueen‘s top tip is to cut the cards up! And put a plan in place to attack that Read more → How much scrimping is too much if you want to save for your first-home Logo

It is possible to cut back on your discretionary spending for 12 months in order to achieve your financial goals – it just takes sacrifice and stamina – and prioritising, say Hannah McQueen! Read how to here.

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NewstalkZB: How to measure your financial BMI

Hannah McQueen, credit MiNDFOODHow good are you with your money?

Hannah McQueen from enable Me Financial Personal Trainers explains to Jack Tame on Newstalk ZB how to measure your financial BMIRead more →

NZ Herald: Emotions rule our money behaviour

Hannah McQueen, credit MiNDFOOD

Getting ahead financially can be similar to getting fit or losing weight. Some of us are born with a fast metabolism, making it easier to lose weight. Others of us aren’t. Money is the same.

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NZ Herald: Financial infidelity causes more break-ups than sex






Financial infidelity is replacing sexual infidelity as a leading cause of relationship breakdowns.

It’s when people lie to their partners or deceive them about money, according to leading financial personal trainer, author and principal of … Read more →

The Café: How to get financially fit with a Financial Personal Trainer

The Cafe

Hannah McQueen joined Mel Homer and Charlotte Lockhart from Perpetual Guardian on The Cafe couch to discuss how to get financially fit with a Financial Personal Trainer. If you missed it, you can watch it back below.


RadioLive: Kiwisaver and Brexit with Hannah McQueen


Hannah McQueen, Financial Personal Trainer and Director of enableMe Ltd gives RadioLive listeners advice on Kiwisaver post Brexit. If you missed it, you can listen back to the show here. 


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RadioLive – How to create wealth on an average income

Hannah McQueen talks with RadioLive listeners about not letting an average income stop you from getting ahead.

Listen back here.

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Media Release: enableMe to open first South Island branch in early 2016



Media Release: enableMe to open first South Island branch  in early 2016

Financial personal training company enableMe is set to open its first branch in the South Island early next year.

Located in central Christchurch, this will be the … Read more → A third of kiwis will have a mortgage at 65 Logo


According to article, a third of kiwis will have a mortgage at 65.

enableMe clients Paul & Justine Gunn describe how working with a Financial Personal Trainer has helped them reach mortgage-free status by retirement.

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