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Getting your finances sorted is a good idea no matter who you are. But women often face a unique set of circumstances that can make it a bit harder. Hannah McQueen explains why. Read more →

Newstalk ZB: Teaching kids that money isn’t magic


READ MORE: Mother charging five-year-old daughter for bills

Financial advisor Hannah McQueen from enableMe says you shouldn’t charge rent to children until they’ve finished school or are work-ready.

She said we don’t want them to fear money.

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Breakfast: Creating Financially Fit Kids

Hannah says that by the age of 15, children should be exposed to the household finances, and by 16 (at the latest) have a part-time job.

This is to connect them to the real world, in preparation for work and … Read more →

RadioLive: Your Money with Elizabeth Blake and Katie Wesney

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Death is a sad and emotional time for everyone. Ensuring your financial matters are all in order takes away a lot of stress and anxiety for your close family and friends at this already difficult time.

Elizabeth Blake and Katie … Read more →

Family Times: Mums in Business – Hannah McQueen


Hannah McQueen features in Family Times’ Mums In Business. You can read the full interview here.… Read more →

RadioLive: Dangerous Debt

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On this week’s RadioLIVE Sunday show with Mark Sainsbury, Hannah McQueen talks of dangerous borrowing despite having bank approval. 

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RadioLive: Setting The Right Financial Example

radio-liveHannah McQueen discusses with Mark Sainsbury of RadioLive how we can be setting the right example for our children and future generations in our financial behaviours.

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