Being cashless can be a licence to spend

Is going cashless actually costing you? The research is clear: we spend more when we deploy the plastic – probably why the credit companies would like a completely cashless society! Read Hannah McQueen‘s reasons on why we should treat … Read more →

Newstalk ZB: Drunk people buy things online to ‘self soothe’

Do you get a little “spendy” with your credit card online when you’ve had a few drinks? Research shows it’s costing Australians billions. Hannah McQueen talked to Newstalk ZB about how to save yourself from a spending hangover… Read more →

Verve Magazine: Be Money Smart This Christmas


The silly season is almost upon us and it’s a time when many of us start to get anxious about the amount of organising we need to do before the holidays and the not insignificant matter of how we are … Read more →

Verve Magazine: Have you had the “money talk”?


Often discussing finances in a relationship can be a difficult subject. Have you and your partner had the “money talk”?

Alistair Johannesson of enableMe North Harbour helps you navigate what can often be a tricky situation to approach in this … Read more →

RadioLive: Your Money with Elizabeth Blake & Suzanne Hill

RadioLive Logo

Elizabeth Blake and Suzanne Hill of enableMe talk to Tim Sisarich of RadioLive’s Your Money show, about a simplified look at the OCR, break fees and transferring to 0% credit cards.

If you missed this show, you can listen Read more →

RadioLive: Your Money with Karen Hay

radio-liveHannah McQueen discusses Money Personalities, The Fritter Factor and refinancing to 0% Credit Cards among other important financial topics with Karyn Hay on RadioLive’s talkback show.

Listen back to the show here.… Read more →