Want to get in control of your finances and start getting ahead? It’s time to get focused.

Whether you’ve just entered the workforce, have recently returned from overseas or are starting out (or over) later in life, getting focused on and in control of your financial goals early, will enable you to achieve better results, faster.

Let us help you create a plan to get in control

Having a clear set of financial goals is one thing – achieving them is quite another!

For most of us, our biggest financial goal is to own a property debt free. If this is your goal, enableMe will help you get onto the property ladder sooner become debt free faster.

Achieve your financial goals faster with our 12-Month Programme

Our financial personal trainers will help you get focused on your goals create a plan to make them happen and keep you on track to achieve them

Over 12 months we’ll work with you to achieve your financial goals, by:

  • Coaching you on positive money behaviours.
  • Tracking your progress every 12 weeks.
  • Adjusting the plan if your circumstances change.
  • Pushing you to do more where you can.
  • Offering unlimited phone and email support, and up to 5 additional meetings.
  • Motivating you to stick with the plan.

At the end of the first 12 months we also offer regular ongoing coaching to ensure you continue to meet your financial goals.

Our financial personal trainers

enableMe’s financial personal trainers are highly trained financial advisers. The team member you work with will be a chartered accountant or registered financial adviser. They will be honest with you, offer you expert independent and impartial advice via one-on-one coaching and enable you to get in control and get ahead. They’ll also be there to support you every step of the way towards financial freedom.

We have advisers located in offices around the country and, if there isn’t an enableMe adviser in your area, we are able to meet with you via Skype.

People we’ve helped.

Case Study: We got into our first home sooner.

Our clients, a couple, were renting with the goal of buying their own home. A $1,500 annual income surplus meant their deposit was growing, but slowly.

By helping them change their spending habits, reconfiguring their budget and restructuring their bank accounts, we increased their annual savings to more than $8,000 and got them into their first home faster.

We also offered expert mortgage advice that shaved $469,563 and 12 years off their home loan.

Mortgage repayment graph

Want to know what our clients say about us?

“I would say we were living week to week. With enableMe we completely changed our financial operating system and structured our money access in a way that we would never have thought of on our own… what I am looking forward to is the motivation the programme provides and being accountable to someone.” Belinda and Sam, Auckland.

More People We’ve Helped

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Meet with one of our financial personal trainers to find out whether you will reach your financial goals by yourself or if, by partnering with enableMe, you can achieve them faster.

We’ll look at your current financial situation and help you get in control and focused on your goals. If you are planning to take on a mortgage, we’ll calculate how much interest our programme will save you, and how much sooner you could be debt free.

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