Helping your workmates or employees take control of their finances is a great way to ensure their financial future is bright. enableMe offers a unique Financial Wellbeing Programme that has been developed specifically for New Zealand workplaces.

The enableMe Financial Wellbeing Programme is for businesses who want to improve the financial wellbeing of their employees. It is flexible, allowing the employee to take up the service whenever they need it.

The enableMe Financial Wellbeing Programme is in three parts:

1. Financial Wellbeing Seminar – Group Session*

In this seminar we lay the foundations for financial success. We dispel financial myths and “get real” about money. We teach the principles of managing your money, managing your bank accounts and managing your debts including mortgages. It is an interactive seminar with actual case studies.

In this seminar your staff will learn:

  • The truth about money – Why New Zealanders spend all they earn irrespective of their income
  • The ‘fritter’ factor – How to manage your finances and do things smarter to save money
  • Your relationship with your bank – Some ‘home truths’ about banks and how you can stop paying them so much
  • Mortgage Inefficiencies – Why you are paying thousands of dollars too much in interest costs and how to save at least $100,000 in interest costs on your own mortgage!
  • Financial ‘Life Stages’ – Whether you are ‘Starting Out’, ‘Building Up’ or ‘Sitting Back’ taking control, goal setting and working to a plan is equally important
  • Case Studies – Bringing it all together and showing how working with a personal finance coach can make a huge difference to your situation

Following the seminar, those that think they might benefit from meeting with the local personal finance coach, they then book a financial consultation.

2. Financial Consultation – One-on-one Session*

The Financial Consultation is a one-on-one meeting with one of our Financial Personal Trainers. This is where your staff’s situation is discussed in detail so that we understand their spending habits and how this has contributed to where they are financially.
We understand the main obstacles they face and tailor a strategy to beat them.
The objective of this meeting is to see if your staff will reach their financial goals by themselves or if by partnering with enableMe they can do things smarter and reach their goals faster!

Following the two-part programme, enableMe would recommend one of our 12-month memberships as the best way for them to reach their financial goals.

3. enableMe 12-month programme*

If your staff decide to partner with enableMe to ensure they achieve their financial goals, we would recommend a 12-Month Programme.

Within the 12-Month Programme enableMe will:

  • Provide independent and impartial financial advice
  • Tailor a plan to reflect the nuances of their life and financial goals
  • Identify and apply financial smarts to maximize their cash surplus
  • Liaise with their bank, Kiwisaver provider, Solicitor and/or Accountant; where relevant to put in place recommendations
  • Stretch them to achieve their financial potential, whilst living the lifestyle they want
  • Track results and meet every 12 weeks to discuss progress Realign and fine tune projections to reflect changes to circumstance
  • Offer a straight forward, no nonsense approach to improving their financial position, providing the support and motivation for them to stick with it

*There will be a cost for each stage of the Financial Wellbeing Programme, depending on business and individual needs.

To find out more and to discuss your individual business requirements, please call 0800 897 898 and ask for Donna Hamilton, New Client Manager or email Donna your interest.