Verve Magazine: Have you had the “money talk”?


Often discussing finances in a relationship can be a difficult subject. Have you and your partner had the “money talk”?

Alistair Johannesson of enableMe North Harbour helps you navigate what can often be a tricky situation to approach in this … Read more →

Verve Magazine: Black Tie – or Retire?


With the ball season upon us, so comes the expectation of many children that their parents are in a position to pay for all that glitz and glamour.

Elizabeth Blake of enableMe Auckland Central helps guide you through this special, … Read more →

Consult Recruitment – What’s Your Number?

Katie Wesney of enableMe Takapuna discusses retirement with Consult Recruitment to help figure out just how much you need to save to prepare for your future. What’s your number?

Read more here.

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TVNZ Seven Sharp: Finance Guru’s Tips to Kill Your Mortgage

Kill Your Mortgage And Sort Your Retirement Book Cover

On the release on her second book ‘Kill Your Mortgage And Sort Your Retirement’, Hannah McQueen gives her Top Four Tips to get rid of your mortgage faster as seen on TVNZ’s Seven Sharp.

You can watch it back here: … Read more →

Your Money: So Can You Afford A Retirement Village?

nz-herald1 Your Money: So Can You Afford A Retirement Village? Read the full article online here: Your Money: So Can You Afford A Retirement Village? →Read more →