When – and how – should you talk to your kids about money?

Ignorance is never bliss when it comes to money, so when – and how – should you introduce the concept to your kids? Hannah McQueen tackles the subject in the Sunday Star Times.… Read more →

Challenge to Students: Use ‘Free-Fees’ to Graduate Debt-Free

University fees might be free for first-year students, but nothing else is. Hannah McQueen writes about how students should be using the opportunity of zero fees to graduate in the best possible financial position.… Read more →

STEM education focus also needs a ‘B’ – for Business

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are all important subjects – but Hannah McQueen argues on Stuff that there’s still a letter missing.… Read more →

All businesses should learn from Fletcher Building’s troubles

Fletcher Building’s woes should be a shot across the bow of all Kiwi businesses, as enableMe’s founder Hannah McQueen writes in the Sunday Star Times.… Read more →

Why more money is not the answer to your money woes

Most people think the answer to their money problems is to simply have more of it -but as Hannah McQueen writes in this week’s Sunday Star Times, the evidence says otherwise!

 … Read more →

Stuff.co.nz: Financial planning considerations different for women

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Getting your finances sorted is a good idea no matter who you are. But women often face a unique set of circumstances that can make it a bit harder. Hannah McQueen explains why. Read more →

Stuff.co.nz: Being cashless can be a licence to spend

Is going cashless actually costing you? The research is clear: we spend more when we deploy the plastic – probably why the credit companies would like a completely cashless society! Read Hannah McQueen‘s reasons on why we should treat … Read more →

The AM Show: Financial infidelity kills relationships

Do you lie to your spouse about your spending? 57% of us have, according to The AM Show ‘s poll this week. Hannah McQueen spoke to Duncan and the team on The AM Show about why this is a worry.… Read more →

Getting off the fritter couch and cutting the financial flab


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enableMe’s founder Hannah McQueen begins her new weekly column for the Sunday Star Times and Stuff, by giving you the key things you need to know to ensure 2018 is the year you … Read more →

RadioLive: There’s always room to improve your finances …

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Hannah recommends four key things you need to do/keep in mind to help keep you from being a ‘statistic’ with your finances …

Listen back to the recent Carly Flynn Saturday Fresh show on RadioLive to find out more.Read more →