Why take 30 years to pay off your mortgage when you could do it 10?

All too often borrowers default to the standard duration of 30 years on their mortgage term, and trundle along never making much more progress than … Read more →

Stuff.co.nz – Millennial Money: Beating the treat yo-self mentality

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Financial guru Hannah McQueen says make treating yourself the goal, rather than spending on a whim, to avoid buyer’s remorse and stay on track with your saving plan. Read moreRead more →

Breakfast: A Cashless Society

Could we see a world without cash in the future? What impact will this have on society, on spending habits and on making financial progress.

Hannah McQueen discusses more on Breakfast

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Newstalk ZB – Prepping your small business for sale

With lots of baby boomers looking to retire over the next 5 years, many small businesses will be coming up for sale.

Hannah McQueen shares with Newstalk ZB her key tips for preparing your small business for sale.Read more →

Sunday Star Times: Run some numbers for the retirement you want

Do you know your Retirement number?

Not age, but money in the bank you’ll need to fund your lifestyle when you do choose to reduce your hours or give up working altogether. Hannah McQueen helps you run through the numbers.Read more →

Why You Need a Wealthy Mindset

We teach our kids these days to have a growth mindset, but we should also be teaching them to have a wealthy mindset. Hannah McQueen explains why it’s so important.… Read more →

When You’re Sinking Financially – You Need to Act Fast

We work with people to get them ahead, but often that starts with addressing how quickly they’re sliding backwards. Here’s Hannah McQueen’s go-to guide to stopping the rot.… Read more →

Does the Taxman Owe You a Tax Refund?

The IRD had a $180million pile of overpaid tax last year – but few people know how to get what they’re owed. Do you? Hannah McQueen has all you need to know.Read more →

Should you have 2x your annual salary saved by age 35?

Hannah McQueen tackles the rather controversial advice about savings milestones – is it necessary, is it reasonable, is it possible? Find it here on Stuff. Read more →

For Richer, For Poorer

What should you do when your spouse quits their job to strike out on their own, but isn’t making much progress? Hannah McQueen has the answers in the Sunday Star Times.… Read more →