Our story

How we started

enableMe was created after Director, Hannah McQueen applied for her first mortgage of $350,000. Although she got a great interest rate, Hannah would still pay almost $1,000,000 over the 30 year term of her mortgage. She wanted to save interest costs, but wasn’t comfortable committing to high repayments. With degrees in Commerce and Taxation under her belt, Hannah thought there must be a way to become debt free sooner. She approached the Mathematics Department at the University of Auckland and worked with Dr Jamie Sneddon to create a formula that would enable her to repay her loan as quickly as possible, at the lowest cost and with maximum flexibility. The formula itself involved some complex calculus, but the result was simple – it created the optimal mortgage structure for any situation, shaving years and hundreds of thousands of dollars off home loans. While the principle was exciting, there was a sticking point – the formula assumed there was a cash surplus available. Although Hannah earned a high income, she never seemed to have any money left over at the end of the month. Focussing on her finances, Hannah discovered she was wasting tens of thousands of dollars every year. By harnessing this wasted money, she was able to activate the mortgage formula and become debt free sooner than she’d ever thought possible.

Our driving ambition: help Kiwis find financial freedom

enableMe is the product of Hannah’s personal experience and her desire to help other New Zealanders get ahead in life faster. We help our clients create a sustainable cash surplus and use our patented mortgage repayment formula to help them become debt free sooner. Throughout the process we educate, coach and support our clients to become smarter about how they spend, save and invest their wealth. Every one of our financial advisers is passionate about helping New Zealanders achieve financial freedom, and expert at motivating their clients to achieve their financial goals.

What is a financial personal trainer?

Most of us would like the financial freedom to enjoy life without worrying about money. In reality that’s a tough ambition to realise! Our financial personal trainers are highly trained, professional financial advisers. They can help you identify your financial goals, create a plan to make them happen and keep you on track to achieving success. No matter what your life stage is or how ‘unfit’ your current finances are, they can help.

enableMe financial advisers are highly trained and the financial coach you work with will be a Chartered Accountant or Registered Financial Adviser. They will be honest with you, offer you expert independent and impartial advice via one-on-one coaching and enable you to get in control and get ahead. They’ll also be there to support you every step of the way towards financial freedom.

How do our financial personal trainers work with you?

Working with enableMe is similar to working with a personal trainer at the gym. We start with an no-obligation consultation to assess your current level of ‘financial fitness’ and talk to you about how we could help you achieve your goals faster. Should you choose to work with us, an annual membership fee applies and this is based on the level of support you require.

Some things to know about the initial consultation:

  • Please allow 90 minutes for this first session.
  • The sessions are held at the enableMe office most convenient to you. They can also be hosted via Skype if that works better for you, just let us know.
  • Should your finances be combined with a partner, they are required to attend this meeting with you.
  • As professionals, we are available during business hours, Monday to Friday. You can secure an appointment up to 2 months in advance; we will work with you to find a time that works best for you.
  • As we provide personalised advice there will be a cost for this initial session, we will confirm this with you before your session.

If you want to know more about how we could help you, book an initial consultation.

Client Stories

Since 2007, our financial personal trainers have enabled more than 6,000 kiwis achieve their financial goals. Whether you want to get focussed on your finances, get rid of your mortgage and build wealth or set yourself up to relax financially and enjoy your retirement, see how we’re helping our clients achieve financial freedom faster.

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Become a franchisee

Want to help New Zealanders realise their financial goals and achieve financial freedom faster? Here’s your chance! With a strong trading history in Auckland and Wellington and a client base of more than 6,000, enableMe is going nationwide. Our clients are everyday New Zealanders who want to start achieving their financial goals faster, be debt free sooner or get their retirement planning sorted. See what our existing clients say about us. In order to help more Kiwis, we’re offering franchise opportunities to accounting firms who share our vision to improve New Zealand’s economic prosperity and see the enableMe service as a good opportunity for their existing clients and wider community. If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact us today.

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