The Mason family on Fair Go


In 2015 the Masons featured on Fair Go, explaining how working with enableMe would see them pay off their mortgage in 6 years, instead of 25.

Exciting update from the Masons!



It was meant to be 6 years, but almost two years ahead of schedule, the Masons are mortgage free! See how they did it here.

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Jaimie & Todd Bertie, New Plymouth

I was so nervous to go into detail about money matters and bad habits, having zero discipline, but after my 1 hour appointment with Phil I feel so excited and confident for the first time in my life to go

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Kim Buchanan

We're still using our enableMe ways, must be at least five years now. We went from sinking to swimming. Was great for us. We now CONTROL the money flow, not the other way around and we can cope with those

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