There are no planned events this month.

Hannah McQueen will next be taking her Kill Your Mortgage and Sort Your Retirement seminar on the road around New Zealand in February and March 2018.

Contact us by email to express your interest and be notified of dates as they are released.

Hannah McQueen is a financial force. She is the founder and director of enableMe – Financial Personal Trainers, a Chartered Accountant, a Master of Taxation Studies, Best-Selling Author, TV Personality and Mum of two.

When she was aged 27 she worked with a tutor at the University of Auckland to create an eight-page calculus formula to structure one’s mortgage debt to pay her mortgage off as quickly as possible with maximum flexibility to live a life you enjoy. She called this formula ‘mortgage optimisation’, then she patented this formula. This unique system could save you thousands of dollars in interest costs by killing your mortgage…fast!

In the last 10 years enableMe has worked with over 5,000 clients, throughout New Zealand. Come and hear Hannah speak and learn how you can Kill Your Mortgage and live a more enjoyable life!