The results or outcomes are different for each client. Many have been able to get into their first homes much sooner than they ever imagined. Others who already have a mortgage are on track to be mortgage free years earlier, and to save hundreds of thousands in interest costs. The need to be mortgage free pre-retirement is a goal that everyone must achieve, and we specialise in this process. Please take some time to read about or view some of our clients’ successes.

Lucyanne and Dimitrious, Auckland

My husband Dimitrious and I have been with enableMe for one full term and have now started our second term. We came across enableMe by watching Fair Go with Hannah McQueen presenting. Instantly we knew we had to investigate this further. So I called and was set up with a meeting with Dianne Barlow.

Dianne is a pleasure to work with; we are so happy with her service. Whenever we go into our meetings with her, we always come out feeling refreshed and organised. I really believe in the enableMe product and any opportunity I have, I share my experience and I am only sad that my family and friends haven’t taken the further steps to book their own meeting. However as great as your product is, I believe the relationship that we have built with Dianne has been far more superior. It is hard to trust someone with your finances and not to feel judged on what your spending habits are. We fell off the bandwagon and was dreading our meeting with Dianne, but she never judged us, she picked us up and we moved on; looking at what we can do better. Dianne has been a wonderful financial trainer, a lovely lady who has helped us tremendously. We are forever grateful for her help.

Lucy and Simon, Takapuna

My husband and I have very different attitudes to money… I believe that happiness is derived directly from shoe and handbags, whereas he is a pathological saver! This made for a bit of financial disharmony, as you can imagine.

We went to EnableMe as we wanted to undergo a ‘financial reset’ and establish some tangible goals that we were both happy with. Katie was absolutely fantastic. She was hugely diplomatic when my husband and I bickered in the first meetings and she helped us find a middle ground that we could work towards.

We also wanted to consider buying an investment property and she negotiated a fantastic mortgage rate for us, plus a cash contribution that more than paid for the year’s enableMe fees.

3 months on and we are smashing our financial goals. However, another unexpected benefit has been the effect on our marriage. We are now totally open and honest with each other about money, and the weekly planning sessions we have filling in our financial spreadsheet have made us even closer as we now have a common goal.

Thank you Katie – you’ll be seeing more of us!

Kay and John White, Takapuna

We have been clients of Enable Me since April 2015 after attending a seminar Enable Me conducted by Hannah McQueen.

We are a retired couple and needed an organised financial plan to assist us control our personal budget,  we were about to embark on a major renovation to our property.  The Enable Me programme was a perfect fit for us, it allowed us to separate our personal finances from our project finances.  We are now 6 months down the track and find this programme is working perfectly.

On a personal level we both found Katie to be extremely enthusiastic, supportive and very capable in understanding our situation.  She is very passionate in the work she does and has a genuine desire to help people achieve their financial targets.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Katie as a Personal Financial Trainer, through Enable Me looking for financial services.

Lauren and Ian, Auckland

Lauren found enableMe online and organised an appointment for us to see one of their consultants; this turned out to be the boss, Hannah McQueen. At the time we thought we were organised and doing well with our finances, but Hannah helped us to see that we could do even better. The expert coaching, advice and tailored programme we were given has enabled us to take active control of our finances and achieve our primary goal of becoming mortgage-free sooner. This has happened in partnership with Hannah and the Team at enableMe and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome and our vastly improved financial situation. We are feeling very positive about the future.

Ron and Megan Rebello, Auckland

The enableMe process has been a wonderfully helpful, competent and professional experience. Our Consultant formulated plans, provided a detailed report outlining recommendations and strategies and put these to us explaining all the risks and benefits involved. The advice provided has been in understandable laymen’s terms. In short our Consultant has shown us how to get from where we are to where we want to be – which is mortgage free as quickly as possible and in doing so has given us a considerable saving in interest costs. We now feel more confident and reassured with regards to the management of our financial affairs.

Hayden and Christine Richardson

We heard about enableMe through a friend. We wanted to get our mortgage reduced quicker and help us to budget. Our financial situation before was pretty good. enableMe took the stress away, great budgeting advice. One of the benefits has been the separate accounts for bills and expenses etc. Yes there has been a positive effect on our personal relationship and family; with less stress in family life by having order in our finances.

Cameron Gee, Fletcher Construction

Very thorough and professional…I would like to say that enableMe has sorted out our finances without impacting our lifestyle.

Rachel, Auckland

My friends recommended initially and then my work (Ogilvy) set it up for us. Prior to this I was trying to get it together but weren’t seeing the total picture. enableMe made it easy for us to manage on a daily basis. Made us aware of larger expenses were weren’t allowing for in our budget. I feel less guilty about spending because budget is allocated and I know the surplus! We are now both more aligned and each has our own cash to spend on what’s important to us so we shouldn’t make each other feel guilty when we do spend! This has been awesome. Totally needed it. Highly recommend it. Thanks heaps.

Sarah, Auckland

I was referred to enableMe by a friend. I would describe my financial situation before I came to enableMe as all over the place and going backwards. enableMe helped clarify my current situation, addressed my habits, showed me how I could improve and set it out simply with easy to follow direction. I now have a better understanding of where my money goes each month, excitement at the prospect of being mortgage free much earlier than anticipated. There has been a positive effect on my personal relationship as my husband and I can now have civilised, proactive financial conversations rather than angry shouting matches!

Shirley, Wellington

I just wanted to email you and say I’m loving the budget! I actually haven’t felt like I’ve had this much money or control over my finances since the beginning of the year!! Isn’t that strange… I was so living from pay to pay – I’m not entirely sure where all the money went, but now I feel like I have heaps. And shopping on a budget is definitely good – it makes me plan my meals, which is much better for my waistline than takeaways 3-4 times a week.

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