NZ Herald: Get your house in order, before the crash!

Hannah McQueen, credit MiNDFOODWhat can New Zealanders do today to make the most of low interest rates in an uncertain housing market?

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NZ Herald – New Zealand: Nation of Debt

The New Zealand Herald

Hannah McQueen discusses New Zealand’s rising debt problem with Tamsyn Parker of NZ Herald. You can read the full article here.… Read more →

RadioLive: Talking about debt with Hannah McQueen


Hannah McQueen joins Heather du Plessis-Allan on RadioLive to discuss why you shouldn’t just put top-ups on your mortgage when your house value is rising. Listen back to the show here.… Read more →

New Zealand Herald: Big house, empty pockets: The new wealthy poor

The New Zealand Herald

In a raging property market, it’s possible to have a million-dollar home and no cash, writes Joanna Mathers for NZ Herald. Read the full article here.

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RadioLive: Your Money with Elizabeth Blake and Katie Wesney

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Death is a sad and emotional time for everyone. Ensuring your financial matters are all in order takes away a lot of stress and anxiety for your close family and friends at this already difficult time.

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RadioLive: Dangerous Debt

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On this week’s RadioLIVE Sunday show with Mark Sainsbury, Hannah McQueen talks of dangerous borrowing despite having bank approval. 

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NZ Herald: A home or the golden years?

The New Zealand Herald

People who raid their KiwiSaver to buy a first home could end up with much less in the pot for their golden years – but experts, including Hannah McQueen of enableMe, say it could still be worth it, as Tamsyn Read more →

RadioLive: Your Money with Elizabeth Blake & Katie Wesney

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Elizabeth Blake and Katie Wesney of enableMe feature on RadioLive discussing Your Money with Karen Hay.

This show covers topics such setting a budget for Christmas, borrowing, mortgages and break fees.

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TVNZ Seven Sharp: Finance Guru’s Tips to Kill Your Mortgage

Kill Your Mortgage And Sort Your Retirement Book Cover

On the release on her second book ‘Kill Your Mortgage And Sort Your Retirement’, Hannah McQueen gives her Top Four Tips to get rid of your mortgage faster as seen on TVNZ’s Seven Sharp.

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RadioLive: Kill Your Mortgage and Sort Your Retirement

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For those of you who may have missed Hannah McQueen’s appearance on Mark Sainsbury’s RadioLive Sunday show, here she talks about the latest release of her new book. You can listen back to the show here.Read more →