’enableMe to begin enabling Hamilton’

Demand from Hamilton residents has driven one of the country’s fastest-growing personal financial advisory firms to set up a local branch

enableMe, Financial Personal Trainers has already been working with some local clients remotely, but hundreds of enquiries have prompted … Read more →

Funding the Festive Season: How to make sure Christmas doesn’t break the bank









With howling wind and even snow in parts of the country this past week, it might not quite seem like it – but spring has indeed sprung. I hate to be the one … Read more →

What you need to tell your daughters about money

The odds are still stacked against women. What you can do to give your daughter the best chance of beating them.

Woman Holding Her Child Walking Near Windmills











Women have come a long, long way since the women’s Read more →

Property Investment – how do the pros do it?

If you missed Enableme and Opes Partners’ Buying Property Like a Pro seminar, here are some top tips to get you thinking

These days it seems like you can’t go anywhere without people discussing the housing market. How hard it … Read more →

BLOG: Why you need to provision for your own retirement

The retirement age – or more accurately, the age of eligibility for the pension – has long been considered something politicians tamper with at their peril.

John Key pledged he’d sooner resign as Prime Minister than backtrack on a promise … Read more →

Blog: Why you should be worried about interest rates

If you’ve bought your first home in the last decade or so, you could be forgiven for thinking that the interest rates you’re enjoying now are about where they will always be.

The Reserve Bank started cutting interest rates back … Read more →

Pocket Money to Property by Hannah McQueen

Should your child do chores for pocket money? Do you talk to your kids about money? Will your kids be able to buy a house when they grow up?

These and many other pressing questions are answered by Hannah McQueen … Read more →

Newstalk ZB: How to teach kids about money and budgeting

Many parents despair at their kids’ financial literacy, watching them blow their spare income on smashed avocado.

So how do you prepare them for financial independence?

Founder of Financial Personal Trainers enableMe, Hannah McQueen has written a book about just … Read more →

Breakfast: Creating Financially Fit Kids

Hannah says that by the age of 15, children should be exposed to the household finances, and by 16 (at the latest) have a part-time job.

This is to connect them to the real world, in preparation for work and … Read more →

Newstalk ZB: Lessons from young entrepreneurs

Hannah shares her top tips for the next generation of entrepreneurs with Jack Tame, Newstalk ZB. Listen back here.Read more →