In the last six years enableMe has partnered with over two thousand clients to help them establish and reach their financial goals. They have been able to reach their goals much faster than they would have by themselves.

I was referred to enableMe by a friend. My financial situation before was under control but not optimal and not actively reducing debt. They helped me set financial goals and set up a process for achieving this. I have more financial know how and a more realistic view of my finances. I am excited about decreasing my debt.

Joanne Young

We found out about enableMe at the Auckland Home Show. We really wanted to plan our financial future and hated paying all that interest to the Bank. We were quite comfortable with our financial situation however enableMe have helped us plan for future projects and show us how the little things we do will pay off in the future. The enableMe system gives us more visibility of where our money is going.

Danielle and Douglas Anderson, Auckland