In the last six years enableMe has partnered with over two thousand clients to help them establish and reach their financial goals. They have been able to reach their goals much faster than they would have by themselves.

A friend referred me and I have also recommended enableMe to a couple of friends at work. My financial situation before was okay, feel a lot more in control of our finances now. The restructure of loans and bank accounts has been extremely valuable. As we see more $$ going into the revolving credit portion of our loan, we are more hesitant to spend it from there! Very good trick to curb the spending! The benefits have been: not having to think about when pay day is anymore, knowing we are paying money off the principle of our home loan. The positive effects have been that we are a lot more in control of our finances now and aware of our spending.

Janelle Gundry, Auckland

We heard about enableMe through a friend. We really had a desire to pay off the mortgage quicker but still live! Before we met Anne (our consultant) our finances were confusing, complicated and very draining! enableMe helped us focus on a goal and think before we spend! The enableMe programme has given us hope! We have more dialogue about our finances and our life goals. We are now more focussed. Anne has been fantastic! She explained everything patiently and in plain English. She gave generously of her time and expertise and made the whole process painless and exciting! The whole process was very professional and not pushy. Everything was explained well by helpful, friendly staff.

Beverley and Vartan Danyali, Auckland