In the last six years enableMe has partnered with over two thousand clients to help them establish and reach their financial goals. They have been able to reach their goals much faster than they would have by themselves.

I called enableMe when I noticed a dramatic change in my partner’s mother’s lifestyle. She advised me that it was because of this programme. Before we went to enableMe we were in a ‘DIRE!’ financial situation. I would say we were living week to week. With enableMe we completely changed our financial operating system and structured our money access in a way that we would never have thought of on our own. It may be a little early to tell but what I am looking forward to is the motivation the programme provides and being accountable to someone.

Belinda and Sam, Auckland

I just wanted to email you and say I’m loving the budget! I actually haven’t felt like I’ve had this much money or control over my finances since the beginning of the year!! Isn’t that strange… I was so living from pay to pay – I’m not entirely sure where all the money went, but now I feel like I have heaps. And shopping on a budget is definitely good – it makes me plan my meals, which is much better for my waistline than takeaways 3 – 4 times a week.

Shirley, Wellington